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Keynesis Portable Sweeper

What is the Keynesis Portable Sweeper

The Keynesis Portable Sweeper™ is essentially portable privacy protection software. It makes sure that when you use a computer that is not yours, you will not leave personal or private information behind.

About Keynesis Portable Sweeper

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many times have you worked on computers which were not yours; such as computers in hotels, Internet cafés, a colleague's office, or when visiting clients?
  • How many times have you used these computers to open documents that you brought with you, show presentations, browse the Internet and read emails?
  • How many times have you done all this and later walked away not thinking of the private information you may have left behind?

Have you left anything behind? You probably did!

Here are a few examples:
Opening a Word document creates temporary copies on the computer's temp folder, Internet Explorer keeps a list of sites you visited, along with cookies that were downloaded holding your personal information, data that you downloaded is kept in temporary folders and more.

This is why we designed and developed Keynesis Portable Sweeper. Keynesis Portable Sweeper is the world's first portable protection software that you can take with you on your portable drive (e.g. USB drives, portable hard drives etc.). It is your peace of mind that no trace of your personal data is left behind. Just start Keynesis Portable Sweeper directly from your portable drive, press “GO!” and all personal data is erased from the hosting computer. No installation is required on the computer, no special configuration - just one click and you are all set to go.

Keynesis Portable Sweeper ScreenshotBut Keynesis Portable Sweeper is a lot more than that. Sure, when you visit a computer which is not yours you like everything to be cleaned, but what about your own computers? When we designed Keynesis Portable Sweeper we thought about that and included the option to perform selective cleaning as well. Using profiles, you can create a cleaning profile for you home computer and a different one for your office computer. It is that simple!

Key features

Keynesis Portable Sweeper, as all our other products, maintains the following fundamental characteristics:

  • Simple, friendly and intuitive to use - just select a profile and press "GO!"
  • Runs directly from your portable media - no software on the PC
  • No installation required
  • Small in size and fast in operation

Sweeper Screenshot Plus:

  • Removes all personal private data from the computer you run Keynesis Portable Sweeper on
  • Includes selective cleaning profiles which you can edit to meet different needs on different computers such as your home computer and office computer
  • Performs data wiping (optional) - this option performs active random binary data writing over the deleted data to ensure that it cannot be restored

Portable Sweeper removes and manages Internet private information such as cookies, temporary files, visited site history, address bar. It also cleans the computer system data such as search history, recent docs history, scandisk files, clipboard memory, temporary files directory, download program files directory, recycle bin, start/run history, swap file and recent network drives.

Read the Keynesis Porta ble Sweeper User Manual (pdf file)

Get additional information and a detailed description of the included features (pdf file)

Download Keynesis Portable Sweeper

Keynesis Portable Sweeper is Free!

Keynesis Portable Sweeper is the perfect companion to Keynesis Lockngo or Lockngo Professional - together they take care of the security and privacy of your data while you are traveling and while working on computers which are not yours.

Keynesis Portable Sweeper
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