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Lock and go

Lockngo Hybrid

Version 7.0

Apple - Mac OS Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows: XP, Vista, 8, 10
Mac OS: 10.5 - 10.10 (Intel)
Lockngo Hybrid is the most powerful version of Lockngo. It consists of Lockngo Pro and Lockngo Mac. You can lock disk on Mac and unlock it on Windows computer or vice versa. Installation on computer is not required. It can be used immediately without any configuration.

Lockngo Hybrid Screenshot

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Lockngo Hybrid Features

  • Protect Data on any Portable Drive

    It works with all types of portable disks: USB keys, External Hard Drives, FireWire devices, etc.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 and Mas OS X Yosemite compatible!

    Lockngo Hybrid is fully compatible with all Microsoft Windows and Mas OS X (Intel, 10.5 - 10.10) operating systems.
  • No software installation required

    Lockngo runs directly from your removable media - it does not require installation on computer.
  • May be run from any location

    Usually, Lockngo is running from the same portable drive for which it was created. This allows locking and unlocking disk on any computer to which it is connected. All what you need to lock / unlock it there is on the same disk. But, sometimes you move your files between several particular computers. To increase security you can remove Lockngo files from this disk. You keep copies of Lockngo on all your computers and run it from local disk (desktop or any other location).
  • Military Grade 256bit AES Encryption for file system

    Lockngo encrypts your disk's file system structures in extra strong encryption making sure your data can't be compromised.
  • "Private Directory" for particularly sensitive files on portable drive

    All files placed into "Private Directory" folder will be completely encrypted
  • Automatic disk locking

    Disk will be locked automatically if computer has not been using during 10 minutes
  • Fast disk locking and unlocking

    Any disk size may be locked very fast.
  • Hides your files

    Files on locked drive are absolutely hidden so it is completely impossible to retrieve.
  • Rich file-system support

    Lockngo Hybrid supports Mac OS Extended, exFAT, NTFS, FAT32 and FAT file systems.
  • Instant Lock

    If this option is enabled than disk will be locked immediately when the program is lunching on unlocked disk. You don't have to enter password or even click on "Lock" button. All what you need to lock disk is to run Lockngo. Disk will be locked with previously used password.
  • Instant Unlock

    If checked than password for this disk will be saved in encrypted view to this computer. Next time when you run Lockngo from locked disk on this computer the password will not be asked. You should enable this only for trusted computers.
  • Command Line control

    You can control Lockngo via command line parameters. It allows making some automatisation. For example, disk can be unlocked by script, files copied to or from this disk, and than it may be locked again.
  • Remember your password

    Lockngo Hybrid remembers your password which makes your next use even easier. You don't have to enter it again next time you lock this disk. If you have already locked this disk and want to lock it with the same password than you have just to click on the "Lock" button.
  • Simple and intuitive

    The friendly user interface enables immediate use with no prior knowledge or need to read the software manual.
  • No data left exposed

    Does not leave traces of your data on computers.
  • Additional preferences

    You don't have to make any changes in preferences to start using the application. Default parameters are suitable for the most cases. But, if you want you can customise Lockngo.
    Preferences for Mac
    Preferences for Windows
  • Connection via different interfaces

    Lockngo may be used with disks supported several connection interfaces (USB, SATA, etc.).
System requirements
  1. Removable drive formatted with Mac OS Extended, exFAT, NTFS, FAT32 or FAT
  2. 1Mb of free space available on media
  3. User account with Administrator privileges on Windows
  4. Microsoft Windows: XP, Vista, 8, 10
  5. Mac OS: 10.5 - 10.10 (Intel)

Version comparison

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