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Keynesis - Smart Software for Portable Devices

Support - Important Issues

Please read the following information carefully:

Data Backup
It is always a good practice to backup your data. Backing up your data will assure that if your media is lost, stolen or if your data is deleted or corrupted for any reason (such as power shortage, accidental delete or format) you will still have a safe copy. Please make sure to backup your data on a regular basis.

Backup copy of Lockngo
Always keep a backup copy of Keynesis Lockngo and Keynesis Portable Sweeper. This might become handy if you accidentally delete the program from your media or if the file lockngo.exe file is corrupted (this might happen in rare cases of power shortage during media locking or in cases of media that was plugged out during media read or write operation). If, for some reason, the program does not work from your media, copy the backup copy onto your media (overwriting the existing file) and run it.

Uninstalling other protable media utilities before using Keynesus Lockngo
If you are using, or have installed any other protable media software, we recommend uninstalling it before using lockngo.

Enabling non administrative users to secure their removable drive
Read how